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Explore the Dynamic world of MonoatoMIX transition group metals. Supercharge your health and ascension process through understanding. MonatoMIX ORME Technologies manufactures pure monoatomic orme at m-State.
1) Repairs DNA damage and boosts/restores memory.
2) Increases body self healing and delays aging.
3) Strengthens the immune system.
4) Balances right and left sides of the brain and increases intelligence.
5) Strengthens and increases body’s energy field (Aura), Astral body as well as physical energy.
6) Increases psychic powers, Dreams, Chi, Telepathy, Presence, Astral projection as well as sleeping quality.
7) Enhances body metabolism by 40% and increases physical strength and vitality.
I Have to Say this is the Most Wild Story and Review I have ever recieved from a client that supported our #MoringaK and Other Produce which can be found if you Click HERE
We have 99.9% Pure 24k Monatomic GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, PALLADIUM, OSIUM, INDIUM, IRIDIUM, Ruthenium, RHODIUM, COPPER that is 100% Safe and Consumable. 
This Edible One atomic Orme has Ultra Mineral Super powers that are the most advanced and ahead of its time potion for your health. Science just now starting to discover the miracle ability of 
Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements that Royal Elites have been consuming for centuries far back as Ancient Egypt Khemites and Sumerian Aryans. 

 You Cannot get Heavy Metal Poisoning with these 250,000 PPM Bottles of Pure ORMUS From the actual Precious Metal. This isn't the Junk that is made from CAUSTIC TOXINS That is Mixed with Water and OCEAN Seasalts or Milk of Magnesiums etc. 
Don't Get me Wrong, There are Good Salt or Sole Ormus Protocols that exist, but normally over 99% of the "Alchemist" That are making these online ORMUS products are entirely Poison/Toxic to the human body. Mainly due to the Chemicals they use and the Process they conduct makes it a hazard to ones life.

Rest assured we have the REAL DEAL ORME, which was the stuff made by the Legend Mr.Hudson who knows how to actually do it properly. We have the Efficient Million plus dollar machinery that allows us to produce large batches of this mono atomic precious metal ORME that NO OTHER COMPANY/ALCHEMIST Can produce without being able to have such a FIRE/HEAT Element to catalyst the safe PURE Precious Metal element into a WHITE POWDER Form and then Capture this powder and separate it into a instilled pure water; which enables it to stay around and fresh longer. 

The Powder literally can disappear before ones eyes, due to its subatomic gaseous energy which it pocesses. This stuff is not completely understand and far from it, but we know it is not only safe, but we have seen it spiritually enhance the health of ones homoeostasis (State of Well being) and soulful meditation. CLICK READ THE MONATOMIX TESTIMONIALS HERE.
Many claim to meditate and reach christ consciousness almost immediately, opening the pineal gland and releasing the natural DMT from this THIRD EYE. 
There is astonishing Healing due to this powerhouse Ultra Electrical Mineral which goes hand in hand with #MoringaK and #MoringaX perfectly. It is recommended to take together infused as one protocol, if possible. 

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This precious powder has been lost to mankind for thousands of years. It has been called many things through the ages. It has been called the Fruit of the Tree of Life, and Star fire-Gold of the Gods. More recently, it has received wide notice as the Philosopher`s Stone. It is the crown jewel of Western legend , the stuff of literature. We have linked to Star fire at the bottom of this page. In it Laurence Gardner explains that the white powder of gold has been known to the initiated few for millennia. Now , you can experience the forbidden fruit for yourself. Additional links on the navigation menu lead to reference information and other related topics. Monoatomic? Maybe. A superconductor? We hope to know soon. Is it real? Absolutely!
The ancients believed this substance would facilitate extraordinary life-spans, and cure many diseases by allowing the body to operate as close to perfection as possible. We would say today that it would vastly increase the ability of each cell to conduct electrical impulses, almost like a high performance re-wiring job for the entire body.

Our White Powder Gold has been tested by the Department of Materials Characterization at a prominent English University, and Sir Laurence Gardner deserves all the credit we can give him for his generosity. He is not only an author and historian without equal, he is a fine gentleman. The test results show that white powder gold is not totally unique. It can be found as a residue at crop circles, and it has been collected by NASA astronauts as Stardust, at the ratio of 1 per 10,000 particles. White powder gold is "astonishingly" similar to David Hudson`s ormus, with minor differences attributable to the primary PGM used to produce it. Our PGM is 24K gold. It should be pointed out that the process used to produce white powder gold definitely works on silver and should be applicable to all PGM`s, including ruthenium. The possible applications boggle the mind. We would like to point out that since only a handful of human beings know how to produce a substance such as a white powder gold , the residue found at crop circles strongly suggests that they have an extra-terrestrial origin. Also, this powder and its brother PGM`s should be investigated by major research facilities for possible health and other scientific benefits for humanity. It appears to be "not of this world" and its relationship to the Ark of Isreal and antiquities of Egypt point to greater potential than we at are able to properly investigate.

Dave C. tells us
I must admit that I am extremely satisfied with this products` effects on me personally. I have used this white powder gold for over a year now. My smokers skin has been gradually replaced by soft, yet tough skin that does not tear or bruise like before , and it heals quickly. My muscles have grown strong. I now have the energy and ability of a thirty year old man, again. Every time I look in a mirror, I marvel at how much younger I appear , because this has literally taken most of my facial wrinkles and my gray hairs away. White powder gold has changed me for the better. I use just 4 drops a day of this product , and it has restored my health , my youth ,and my life!

We have developed a process to create White Powder Gold that is more efficient than the original process described by David Hudson. We have striven to maintain the protocols described by Laurence Gardner as we believe that this is indeed the formula the ancients refer to, the Great Work of Alchemy.

We must advise that you consult your Doctor or other licensed health care provider before you ingest this or any other substance as a dietary supplement.

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